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Church Music Master, is an easy to use feature packed program that takes the hassle out of managing your growing church music program. It is the best tool that any minister of music can purchase. Church Music Master will impress you with its ease of use and extensive user- customability. Because every library can be customized to fit your specific needs, Church Music Master is extremely flexible. You can track virtually anything relating to your church music program. The Windows interface will make the time you spend with Church Music Master especially productive and enjoyable. It will change the way that you manage your church music program, making you more efficient and productive. After using Church Music Master, you'll wonder how you ever managed your church music program without it!

Be sure to take our Visual Tour of Church Music Master to receive detailed information about our software. You might also want to read a letter from a fellow minister of music regarding his thoughts of Church Music Master. We know you'll agree that our product provides top quality software at a reasonable price.

It Includes

  • Tracking of all of your music personnel.
  • Logical organization of all your libraries, including music, recordings, equipment, publishers/dealers and more. Track virtually anything in your music program. All include extensive searching and sorting capabilities.
  • Service Planner software to plan and keep track of your order of worship. Have a cross reference of 9 hymnals and 12 chorus books at your fingertips, plus 4 user-custom hymnals that enable you to create your own database of songs that you use for worship. That's a cross-reference of over 7000 hymns and songs! Including...

      The Baptist Hymnal 1991
      The Baptist Hymnal 1975
      The Celebration Hymnal 1997
      The United Methodist Hymnal 1989
      The Presbyterian Hymnal 1990
      Hymns for the Family of God
      Lutheran Hymnal
      The Hymnal (Word)
      Songs for Praise and Worship
      Maranatha! Praise. 3rd and 4th editions
      Hosanna/Integrity Songbooks 1-13

  • Attendance section to keep track of your choir personnel's attendance.
  • Report section to print flexible reports of specific sorts and searches including CCLI usage reports.
  • Mailing label printing in Personnel Library. Print 30 pre-defined Avery label types or your own custom labels.
  • 50 records on popular music publishers already included in the Publisher's Library.
  • MIDI and Text file attaching and running capability in the Music Library.
  • 3-D Interface - Attractive Button Bar with Status Bar tips.
  • Context sensitive help.
  • Much, much more!

Look at what others are saying about Church Music Master...

"...a fully flexible, feature packed, fun to use, truly helpful ministry tool."
-Stephen Newman, Worship Pastor
Exciting Tabernacle Baptist Church, Farmington, NM.

"...I've gotten so used to it, I don't believe I could plan my worship services without it. It's the best value for your money. A must have!"
-Ryan Hitchcock, Minister of Music
First Baptist Church, California, MO.

We are determined to provide a top quality program at a reasonable price. We are constantly working to improve our program to help our customers advance their ministry. Please take our Visual Tour and also read our FAQ list . Compare us to other programs and we're sure you'll agree that Church Music Master is not only the most complete church music software in the market, but the best value for your money. Thank you in advance for your interest in Church Music Master. If you like it, please tell a friend.

To request additional hymnal databases please send us feedback.

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