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Church Music Master FAQ

This is a place to find answers to common questions that you may have. If you are a current user and have comments that you feel may help others, please send us mail and we'll try to get it added to this area. For your information, we have provided the notes of our programmer for your review. These notes will tell you what features have been added and what bugs have been fixed. You can get to them by clicking on Version Tracking.

  1. What is Church Music Master?
    • Church Music Master is a complete music ministry management tool that will aid you planning and tracking your worship services as well as organizing every aspect of your music program. You can catalog music, personnel, equipment, publishers, recordings, videos, and much more. You have a cross reference of 17 hymnals and chorus books that will aid you in tracking your worship services.

  2. Will Church Music Master print sheet music?
    • Church Music Master does not print sheet music. You can use the file attachment feature in the music library to attach associated files from a music engraving program to a music library record. That way, if you have a library record of a certain song that you've engraved in another program, you can launch that program from within Church Music Master giving you easy access to all of your files. The same approach can be taken for your MIDI files.

  3. Does Church Music Master contain text of hymns and choruses?
    • Church Music Master does not contain any hymnal text. However, if you have the text of a song in a word processor document, you can attach that file to your music library record and launch it from within Church Music Master.

  4. Can I print a bulletin using Church Music Master?
    • You can print deatiled reports of almost all information contained in Church Music Master. This includes the ability to print a basic order of worship. We recommend however, copying the contents of your order of worship to your favorite word processor for advanced printing needs.

  5. Will Church Music Master run on a 486 computer?
    • Church Music Master will run on a 486 computer with at least 16 mb of RAM although a Pentium computer is strongly recommended.

  6. Can we use Church Music Master on a network?
    • Church Music Master can be used on some networks. It must be installed on two systems that share a data file on the server.

  7. What kind of technical support comes with Church Music Master?
    • Technical support is available via e-mail. Because of our continuing effor to keep the cost of our product down, we do not have phone support at this time. For detailed information about getting technical support click here.

  8. What comes with Church Music Master?
    • If you choose to get electronic delivery, you will be provided a registration code that will unlock the demo. For an additional shipping charge, you will be provided a CD.

  9. How do I get a demo of Church Music Master?
    • A demo is available here at our Web site. If you require a demo on CD send $10 to Composer's Manuscript Press, P.O. Box 3921, Shawnee, OK 74802. We are sorry but we must charge for demos that we send out.

  10. Will there be future versions of Church Music Master?
    • We are constantly working to improve our program. We realize that we do not offer the fancy packaging and meaningless advertising that others provide, but we are confident that you will agree that Church Music Master is the best ministry tool for the money. We are dedicated to cutting the growing cost of church music software and therefore, we put all of our efforts into the program. Feel free to compare us to other similar programs that charge twice as much as. We will continue to develop our programs as long as there is a need. If you have a problem or find a bug in the software, we are working on it immediately. You will not have to wait months to receive a reply from us. We will do our very best to fix any problems that come up in an expedicious manner. We will always provide updates to our customers free of charge via our Internet site. Upgrades will be provided at a significant discount to our current customers. Please feel free to submit suggestions to us for features that you would like to see in upcoming versions of Church Music Master. You may find your request included in a new version.

  11. Will Church Music Master work with Windows XP?
    • The latest version of Church Music Master works well with Windows XP.

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